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As stream quickly gets into blood it is a unique product for those for whom it is necessary fast inflow of energy. Two spoons of molasses (20гр) contains 2 mg of iron, 80 mg calcium and 58 calories of energy necessary for a human body. In 100 gr. of molasses there are 0.014 mg of vitamin B1, 0.15 mg of vitamin B2 and others useful and nutrients necessary for teenagers, workers, sportsmen, pregnant and feeding women. According to other research 1 kg of grapes and 200 gr. of molasses caloric content is equivalent with 1150 gr of milk, 300 gr of bread, 390 gr of meat. And also that fact is important that the sugar containing in molasses looks like some glucose and fructose that is an irreplaceable food for babies and children. There is no necessity for molasses splitting in digestive system, as it easily penetrates by diffusion into the cell of blood. Therefore molasses is important for energy supply of children and sportsmen with high activity. Iron contained in grapes and molasses easily digested and provides 35% of our daily requirement of iron in the body. Besides it grape molasses raises blood, gives energy, stimulates the appetite, is very useful for pregnancy and child development. Strengthens properties of a stomach, an intestines and kidneys. It is useful to strengthening of arteries. Relaxes the blood circulation.