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Sesame paste turns out as follows: high-quality seeds of a sesame are sifted, after peeling are washed out and within 2 3 hours are fried at temperature 150 º - 200 º, and cooled at a room temperature. Then triturated and brought up to readiness without any additives and konservantov.Natural sesame oil is a food product light cream-colored liquid consistency. This product is served for breakfast, added to flour products, as well as used as a high-calorific food, when mixed with honey and molasses. Sesame paste contains 55 % of fat thanks to what supplies an organism with energy and promotes formation of acids necessary for an organism. Also detaining food in a stomach slows down feeling of hunger. The fountain of youth. Updates cages and heals wounds. Sesame paste has considerable quantity lecithin (vitamin E) contains, and also this product is rich with vitamin C and B. Product has easy laxative and diuretic action. Two spoons of sesame pastes contains a protein more than in a half a kilogramme meat.